...These are beautiful songs precisely because of the emptiness they express, in the same way that overcast skies can sometimes inspire more feelings than rays of sun.
          -Kali H. from Listen.Com

     ...Peter Gabriel trod these boards once upon a foxtrot. Now it's Cray's turn to take the stage. Here's your chance for a front-row seat. Don't miss out.

     ...flows from one beautiful, unsettling melody to the next, sometimes contemplative, at others softly abrasive. American Music Club, Pavement, Miracle Legion and Yo La Tengo come to mind.
          -Jim Santo from Demo Universe

     ...wonderful laughable lyrics that rip the soul apart.
          -Ziggy Nix from Jersey Beat Magazine

     ...dark comedic soliloquy about loveless sex, sexless love, and all of life's ironic little murders.
          -Jacques Lambert from Beyond Id (Totally biased bandmate)

     ...a solo act with some real talent, the drunken prophet, Dan Cray.
          -Eric Walls from fAZE 3 Magazine
For more critisizm with links, hit Reviews.


Got kind of a greatest hits album, Athenaeum, up for sale at CD Baby. 22 tracks from the first 9 recordings. I've also got tracks for sale on Itunes.

Working on some acoustic versions of my older songs; just one take, two mikes see what happens kinda thing. Got some slightly better mikes and new mixer. So far I'm diggin the sound. I'll put some samples up soon.

Copyright 2011 Dan Cray
All Songs Copyright 1996-2011 Dan Cray (BMI)

Nothing lined up at the moment. But I am open to suggestions.

Free MP3 Downloads:

Struggly - Beyond Id - The Stovin Years

Jane -Little Help

Home Remedy - The Suburb E.P.

Last Row - Slider Game

252 Elm - Terra Cotta's Just Clay

Desperate Sigh - How's My Driving?

Frail Alliance - Foul Berth

Wetbrain - Wetbrain

Stuck - The Salad Days

She's All By Myself - She's All By Myself

Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne cover

Whiter Shade of Pale - Procal Harum cover

Ruby - Kenny Rogers cover